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Eat + Drink Oregon

The Best Gifts Are Delicious

We promote food + drink products as meaningful gifts for seasonal holidays and special occasions. Our marketing strategies aim to amplify food + drink voices and celebrate the unique activities our creative community offers!

The products we showcase are created with sustainably-harvested ingredients from our state's rich agricultural bounty.

Our focus includes value added farm products and unique, high quality items for entertaining + memorable meals.

Eat + Drink Oregon

Baked Goods, Coffee + Tea

Oils + Vinegars, Ferments

Wine + Craft Beer + Cider

Chocolates  + Confections

Condiments + Sauces

Spreads + Preserves

Salts + Seasonings 

Cocktail Enhancers  +  Spirits

Snacks + Cheeses + Charcuterie 

Farm Fresh Products

Eat + Drink Oregon