COVID Resources for Food + Beverage Entrepreneurs

We're tracking information, resources + education opportunities that could be beneficial to food + beverage entrepreneurs. 

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last update 3/1/20

The Hirshberg Entrepreneurship Institute is a high impact 2-day boot camp conceived by Gary Hirshberg, founder of Stonyfield Farm. The event offers a highly interactive, intimate venue for networking, storytelling, and problem-solving. Participating entrepreneurs will learn about financing, marketing, organizational challenges, finding personal balance, managing change, and the many other areas that are fundamental to growing an enterprise. There is also an opportunity to pitch, and Gary has gathered more than 30 investors. All for only $50!



Eventbrite has an advocacy letter to Congress that urges legislators to provide financial assistance to small businesses that garner income from live events – please share widely so we can amplify this message.

Etsy's CEO advocates for unemployment benefits for the 57 million self employed small businesses!  Please share to amplify this message.



Oregon Congressman Blumenauer's office is tracking a wide variety of resources for all aspects of life with COVID. Topics include food access, utilities/rent, wellness, education, entertainment – and more:


Shopify is offering the gift card feature to all plans, so if you have the basic plan you can now access this. They're also expanding their Capital loan program, you pay as you sell.  If you've been curious about Shopify services, they've extended their free trials to 90 days. 


Built Oregon is encouraging consumers to purchase gift cards to support small businesses, you can add your company here:



Eugene business assistance funding


Hillsboro Offers $550k Business Emergency Grants


The city of Portland has created a loan program for the Jade District, where business had been suffering due to unfounded fears of Asian businesses. The city says here that they will be creating more programs, so sign up for updates.

Emergency Business Funds


Community resources in Portland, and ways to donate if you can



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Financial Resources for Businesses

Access to Capital


This organization has set up a Swtichboard to facilitate communications between businesses – you  can ask for what you need + offer what you have. 



OEN's resource list includes some legal firms' services


Gusto's Loan & Relief Resources for Small Business


Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 eligible small businesses in over 30 countries where they operate. They'll share more details as they become available.



ConvertKit started as a $50k fund to help creators with $500 for expenses such as rent. They're working on expanding the fund.


Federal Disaster Loan Assistance

Info has been posted for WA, but not OR yet



Practical Advice for a Business Real Estate Lease