Global Flavors Oregon

Oregon boasts a wide diversity of food + beverage products that are inspired by cultures around the world. We're grateful for the growing number of global flavors to make our lives more interesting – and delicious!


Below are online stores you can visit to buy direct. Countries _ regions represented include: Vietnam, Thailand, India, S. Korea, Japan, Laos, Nepal, Haiti, Kenya, Malaysia, Ivory Coast!



Umi Ramen

One Stripe Chai

Cardamom Hills

Tan Tan

Thai and True

Sake One

Khalsa Salsa 

Young Mountain Tea

Photon Spices

Hot Mama Salsa



Sai Noi

Mathilde’s Kitchen

Mamancy Tea

La Familia Cider

Choi’s Kimchi




Pans Mushroom Jerky

Lucky Foods

La Reinita Baked Goods

Hoss Soss